Tech Review: Black Ops Game

June 15, 2011


This game is bullet-proof. It doesn’t happen often, but I discover myself within the unusual position of reviewing a game that I know shall be a large success regardless of what I or anyone else writes about it. That’s the power the Call of duty brand holds over gamers today.

Subsequently it’s something of a reduction to declare that this latest iteration, often called Black Ops is definitely a effective gaming package deal that fully embraces all the elements fans of series have come to like and expect. Those who purchased the game on the power of the brand can rest easy.

The true question subsequently isn’t if it lives up to expectation, however fairly if it gives something new or unique that might confound expectation.

Developed by Treyarch, the California-based mostly firm as soon as again has the unenviable activity of getting to comply with the record-breaking efforts of Infinity Ward’s universally praised Modern Warfare series.

In distinction to final year’s Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops has its roots set firmly within the past. The backdrop to the game is a number of real-life and fictional events from the Chilly Battle period, a time when paranoia was rife and the world was by no means far from the threat of nuclear war.

Taking part in as either CIA operative Alex Mason, or his shadowy handler Jason Hudson, the campaign mode sees you finishing up categorised missions across completely different continents and their ongoing conflicts. The final theme is that the Russian’s look like heavily concerned in a variety of US conflicts, and it’s your activity to uncover their agenda. Taking in Cuba, Vietnam and Russia, the marketing campaign is constructed utilizing the now obligatory combine of ordinary FPS action punctuated by the odd car section.

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