LG 325300 32-Inch 120Hz LED HDTV by LG – IPS vs VN Panel?

May 9, 2011


The LG 325300 is an outstanding monitor from LG that has garnered numerous awards and bestselling status worldwide. However, there is one nefariously dubious secret to the the 325300 HDTV that the American market needs to be very cautious of. But first the jargon explained:

There are two kinds of HDTV panel found in almost all kinds of HDTV’s on the market today, namely TN panel TV’s (twisted nematic) and IFP panel TV’s (In-plane switching) . In a nutshell the LG 325300 IPS panel is vastly superior to the TN panel. IPS technology allows for great viewing angles above all, as well as better overall cover reproduction in most cases. I won’t bore you with the details but suffice it to say IPS panels kick ass ( if your not convinced do some reading, the writing’s on the wall)

In Britain all LG TV’s in the 5300 range (including the 325300) are IPN panels by default. That’s normal though right? Who in their right mind would ship a TV under the same name with two completely different panel types that would vastly affect the quality of two different TV’s that have the same model number? Right…? Wrong.

LG for some reason decided they would pull a sneaky on the American market. Getting anLG 325300 in the USA is basically a lucky draw whereby you are either going to get a great TV, or a totally friggin mind blowing TV. That’s right. Even the TN panel LG 325300 kicks serious ass, but some people are picky about their viewing angles (and as well they should be).The IPS panel versions is beyond stunning , and for the price is literally a steal. There is a reason so many people buy these TV’s. despite the risk. You are guaranteed a great TV either way, although if you are lucky you might just be in for the HD experience of your life.

In LG’s defense the entire 5300 range is a hell of a lot more expensive in Britain than the US by a big mile. Basically the US version is priced as if it were a TN panel, but what that inkling of a chance you may just strike pure gold!


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