How do I look for a good netbook review?

January 16, 2013


In this modern netbook market the task of finding the perfect one to suite your needs is not easy and nor is it easy to find a good review which will point the buyer in a good direction. Considering these facts, this article aims on pointing out the important issues a good mini laptop review should address to be of use not only for the person aiming in buying a netbook but also for a laptop enthusiast looking for news in the domain.

To begin with, mentioning features or a datasheet is not enough when an article wants to be of success on the review market. Many people aiming to buy a mini laptop do not know the specific terminology of the field so the review must be consistent with plenty of explanations and diagrams which tell the reader in plain English some aspects behind the numbers and letters given out by manufacturers. This being said, there has to be a delicate balance between the opinion of the author and the real facts such as specifications and performance.

To continue on this idea, every writer expresses his/her point of view on a particular netbook based on his personal opinion on the manufacturer/model and this is good until one point. It is always a good thing to hear one’s opinion on a certain product but the customer has to keep in mind the fact that solid proof of the performances such as laptop tests, CPU performance stats and more is the key factor in judging the quality of the product.

Moreover, there are a multitude of reviews on the internet which can be easily accessible with the help of search engines such as Google but the question is: “Do they offer everything one needs?” The answer is “almost” for the vast majority of them but it is always good advice for the customer to consult a multitude of sources before making such a decision. Some websites offer pictures, 3D all around view and thorough documentation as well as the possibility of comparing products by specifications which are powerful tools of information.

All in all, netbook reviews are a great way of learning more about the product but it never feels like the real deal so in many cases after making a general idea about the products on the market and a possible buy list one could always go and see the product on hand. This is always the final step in buying a mini laptop or any kind of laptop for that matter and even if buying online is cheaper one should always consider going to the store for informational purposes.


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