Mini Laptops Under $300

October 24, 2013


Before the  age of the laptop and tablet,  desktops computer were generally given all the credit in technology. Their only shortcoming however was that they weren’t portable. This problem was solved with the introduction of the laptop, and more recently the tablet, which became convenient thanks to their portability and the power of the internet and processing power on the go.  After the first initial wave of 15 inch laptops, a new trend began to take form, that of the mini laptop or netbook. This smaller and lighter version of the original laptop  makes travelling much easier especially for the working class man. They make it convenient to work from anywhere and also keep us in touch with everything and everyone at all times through the internet.

Finding a mini laptops under $300 ins’t too tricky – as these netbooks generally come only with 11 inch screens they are smaller and easier to build.  Sites such as AnandTech, Engadget and LaptopNinja offer guides with laptop reviews that can help shave off unnecessary research time when searching online. An older example is the Samsung N150. It has a 2 GB RAM, webcam, Bluetooth and hard disc drive of 250 GB. These mini laptops have same general features and operational format that  regular sized laptops do, only that mini laptops are much more compressed to reduce their size and in most cases lack the power of their 15 inch equivalents. This allows for greater portability and a much lighter device.

The Inspiron 1018 is a another good example of an affordable mini laptop on the market. It has a 1GB RAM and has Wi-Fi thus accessible to internet connectivity, a screen of 10.1”, a webcam and a 250 GB hard drive. It can also be purchased online or can easily be found at local electrical stores.Another mini laptop brand is the Toshiba NB505. This mini laptop has a RAM of 2GB and it has the Windows 7 operating system. Samsung has a Samsung NC215 that has a display screen of 10.1”, a web cam, 1 GB RAM and a hard drive of 250 GB. All these mini laptops can be found for less than $300.


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