Quality Laptops for Under 400 USD

March 29, 2013


Initially, buying a laptop meant that you had to forgo so many other things and save for months so as to get to own. This used to be so because their prices were very high. But with the current price tags, it is possible for many to own good performing laptops without digging to deep into your pockets.

Various people have various needs. This also applies in the case of laptops under 400 USD. Uses differ from one individual to another, hence the varied choices of features. The good thing is that manufacturers have solved this problem by providing a vast range of quality cheap laptops of different types to meet different kinds of needs from their vast community of clients.

The Toshiba satellite C660-1F3 retails at $400. It is fitted with a webcam, Wi-Fi, a 3 GB RAM and 500n GB hard drive. It comes with windows 7 operating system and a screen of 15.6” for great entertainment viewing.

Retailing at $400 is a Dell Inspiron N5030. It has 320 GB hard drive, a webcam, Bluetooth, an Intel processor of 2.3 GHz. It also comes with a free carrying case for easy portability.

Samsung N150 is one of the many products of Samsung in the market shelves. It is priced under $400 and has the following features; a RAM of 2 GB and hard drive space of 250 GB. However, its screen of 10.1” is small compared to other models. Its speed is relatively high regardless of its 1.6 GHz processor. It comes with the windows 7 operating system, a webcam and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The above mentioned laptops are just but a few examples of the many readily available white laptops for under $300 and $400 in the market. The choosing range is so vast in that you cannot fail to get a laptop of your choice that meets you desired quality, features and most importantly your budget.

Source: CfComet


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