Top Laptops Under $400

June 29, 2012


Many people who owned laptops in different cities around the world in the past tended to create and belong in certain groups. This was so because laptops were handy but unattainable due to their high pricing. The market nowadays has changed all that by shifting laptop prices to consider those with less than $400 and want to own a laptop. This has benefitted both the manufacturers and consumers.

One of the biggest advantages of laptops under 400 USD, besides the price, is that quality and features contained in them are maintained. In the computer industry, one of the leading manufacturers is Toshiba. At $400, they have designed the Toshiba A505 S6005 that has a large storage capacity of 500GB enough for storing a lot of files, music, movies and games. It has an ideal 4GB RAM making it a good choice for anyone looking for a quality and affordable laptop.

Acer is another company that produces cheap but valuable laptops under 400 dollars. An example of a good model is the Acer116 that has a 2 GB hard drive and comes with a webcam that will make it easy for video conferencing and online calling.

Sony manufacturing company is known to have been in the electronic market for a longer time compared to others. This is so because Sony creates quality and valuable merchandise. Their creation does not exclude laptops. They have created the Sony VAIO W series that retails as a laptop for $350 and below and it comes with a free case, in a variety of colors and has a warranty.

The Samsung NC110 from Samsung cannot be left out because of its great processing speeds and low price. Its color range, webcam for online chatting and spacious memory enough for storage of documents, music, large files and movies see to it that a consumers every need is met.


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