A Color Kindle DX may be the Best Choice

June 1, 2011

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No one really knows exactly when Amazon’s new Kindle 4 reader will come on sale. If we look at the popularity of the different models available today, it is the larger Kindle DX readers that lag behind the smaller versions. In actual fact, this does not mean that they are technologically inferior, it is simply because they are more expensive. The fact of the matter is that you could buy three of the cheapest 6″ Kindle readers for the same price as one Kindle DX. This is how things stand at the moment, but it may be a whole different ball game when the color Kindle DX is released. The focus of this discussion is going to center on the reasons why a color version of the DX may have a much better sales record than previous models.

One of the main reasons why it may be more popular is because there are already so many of us using the 6″ Kindle 3 readers. The point about it is that upgrading from a 6″ Kindle 3 to a Kindle 4 of the same size might not be the best idea. This will simply be a replacement. Admittedly, we might be able to give our Kindle 3 away. It might just end up on a shelf at home though. If you decide to go for a larger color Kindle reader, then you are not directly replacing your existing one.

There are certainly good reasons to have different sized Kindle readers. For instance, you could use the smaller one if you spend time commuting to work on trains. At home, you may prefer to use the larger sized DX though. This would be great for things such as full color magazines as well as cookbooks, children’s books and so on. Admittedly, a color Kindle DX is likely to be at least as expensive as the existing DX. Whether you think it is a good idea to go for a larger screened color Kindle is up to you but I’m sure you will agree, there are some good reasons to do so.

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