Google Chromebooks Revealed – The Future of of Cloud Based Computing?

May 22, 2011


Chromebooks promise to revolutionize the way that we interact with computers and the web, but some wonder if Chromebooks have what it takes to hit critical mass. In this article we will be exploring what Google has to offer with these web based netbooks.

One of the key features of Google Chromebooks are the use of Cloud hosting for user file storage. This simply put means that all of your data is stored on the internet on external servers. Your Chromebook syncs with the cloud in order to load all of your data and applications . As your data is stored externally it is safe from harm or loss – if your Chromebook stops working your data will remain untouched safe and secure on Google’s servers.

Chromebooks are also seamlessly integrated with all of the products available from the Google Apps productivity suite, including the ever popular Gmail. Other apps include Google Documents , which recently absorbed a ton of nifty new features from the late Google Waves project such as 100% real time document collaboration, Google Calendar, and Google Video.

Another enticing proposition for Business’s and Schools is the offer of Chromebooks for a fixed monthly rate. On a contractual basis students and businesses will have access to Chromebooks with Google OS and 3G connectivity (Wi-Fi versions are also available). More importantly Chrome OS offers intensive in-built security and a streamlined automatic upgrade system. This is said to have the potential to save thousand of dollars in IT maintenance for large businesses, as none of the traditional costs associated with most PC’s (for example software operating system upgrades, anti-virus licenses and associated fees) or non-existent, and is in sharp contrast with Microsofts strategy, where heavy emphasis is put on making sure that upgrades are as painful and costly as possible.

A partnership from VMware and Citrix also means that Google can offer Chrome OS with support for virtualised Windows applications. Google claims that this concept will offer lower management costs as well as better security than running the real thing.


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