Pros and Cons of the HP PSC 1315

June 13, 2011


The HP PSC 1315 is an all-in-one printer designed and sold by Hewlett Packard, a well-known office technology company. While it was originally produced several years ago, it has since undergone a slight remodeling. This printer is a smart choice for light home office use.

The HP PSC 1315 features a sleek gray design and great contouring which allows it to fit into small spaces. When it is not in use, all of its trays can be closed which changes the printer into a moderately sized shoebox shape. The paper input and output trays are both located horizontally on the front of the printer. This allows for a more precise feeding of the paper. However, in order to close the trays on the device to allow for increased desk space, the paper must be removed. While the printer comes with software to be installed on one’s computer, it also features multi-colored buttons on its left side which allow the operator to easily copy and scan items. Software installation, which can take up to half an hour, includes access to Hewlett Packard’s Image Zone which aids in uploading and organizing photos from a digital camera.

Printing quality and speed make the HP PSC 1315 a more excellent choice for the smaller home office rather than the business setting. It allows for  black and white as well as color ink cartridges to be installed. Each cartridge, which can cost between twenty to thirty five dollars, lasts for around four hundred sheets of paper. Black and white printing is crisp when a moderate to high quality setting is chosen. Color graphics come out crisply as well with extremely sharp and definitive edges. Black and white printing is done at fewer than five pages per minute; color graphics are around one page per minute. However, its speed when copying a page of text is quite low for the average industry standard at only a half page per minute.

This printer is excellent for the consumer searching for a space-saving model that can produce a fair amount of sharp prints. While it is not the best choice for the individual looking for high speed or cost-efficiency in ink use, it is a wonderful choice for all-purpose tasks. If this is your aim the Photosmart c3180 might be more what you need. The HP PSC 1315 is a wonderful light-duty model nonetheless.


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