Why Solar Energy is the Solution

June 16, 2011


There should be a balance between economic development and environment protection.  To this end, environment-friendly energy resources are being tapped to gradually lessen the use of traditional sources of energy to include fossil oil and coal. Among those being tapped are renewable resources such as biomass, hydropower, geothermal, ocean, wind and solar energy.

To appreciate more the need to shift to environment-friendly resources, one should know at the outset the advantages of solar energy.  As earlier mentioned, solar energy is a renewable resource. This means that it can be replenished on a regular basis at a rapid rate and can make itself available over an indefinite period of time. Unlike traditional resources which are finite and will vanish once deposits are exhausted, solar energy exists as long as the sun shines. And being sourced from solar radiation, solar energy is accessible to all even to isolated areas like islands that are not connected to the main grid. With solar technologies which can be installed off-grid, people in these areas have now the option to enjoy life with electricity. Solar energy is a free commodity which means that in the long run, its use can result to savings in electricity bill.  And there can be more savings if one is able to sell back electricity generated from solar to the electric company given appropriate infrastructure.

Another thing to consider is the environmental advantage of solar energy. Like the other renewable energy resources, solar energy does not emit materials that are harmful to living things and the environment. Resource like solar is important in pushing for sustainable development. Consequently, human needs should be addressed with due regard to the preservation of the environment that provides the resources. With solar energy use one can enjoy life with energy without disregarding the protection of the environment he lives in.


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