Enhance Computer Performance: 5 Simple Steps To Know

June 24, 2011

PC Maintenance

Computers inevitably are among some of the most used devices at homes as well as in offices. This makes them vulnerable to different types of issues that consequently affect computer’s performance. Now unlike what many people think you need to be a computer geek to resolve your PC problems or buy expensive software to prevent any potential computer related troubles, troubleshooting is easy. Following are some of the basic and simple steps that you can take to enhance computer performance and increase its life.

1. Try not to keep duplicate files to clog your computer with too many similar files just for the heck of it. It can slow down your computer.

2. Never keep the files and programs on your PC that are not being used by you now. Ensure deleting all such unwanted and unused software, as they can corrupt your system with spyware. So make sure you remove and uninstall all the unwanted programs from your PC.

3. Avoid keeping temporary internet files stored on your computer. Make it a habit of yours to clear web history every time you finish browsing net. These temporary files stored on your computer can play a major role in slowing down your PC.

4. Defrag your hard drive. Yes, that’s very important if you want to improve computer speed.

5. Run registry cleaner once in a while to ensure removing all the obsolete items present there. Get some good software for cleaning up the windows registry, trust me it won’t cost you an arm and a leg and will save you from system crashes or slow running PC. If you’re not sure, which is the best registry cleaner to use, then check out RegEasy system registry cleaner, as I use it myself and really happy with it.

Last but not least, do not let dust accumulate on your computer as even that can affect its performance.


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