BlackBerry PlayBook review – delivering you a pro and con debate

June 29, 2011


When we first heard that BlackBerry will release a tablet named PlayBook, we were curios to find out the specifications of a device which promises to combine the features of a usual tablet with those of a gaming device. After taking a closer look, we discovered that this PlayBook tablet is a fancy device, with responsive touchscreen and a fast processor. To find out more on this tablet, check out this BlackBerry PlayBook review.

Let’s start with the performance of the tablet. BlackBerry built this tablet to be able to run all the usual tablet applications, therefore don’t expect it to be a tablet developed for gaming. But don’t dismiss this tablet because the PlayBook is running a 1GHz Ti OMAP dual-core processor and PowerVR graphics, managed by a QNX operating system. This means that you will be able to multitask between responsive applications without any effort and at the same time display 1080pixel video over HDMI.

If you want to use this tablet also for daily writing, we have to tell that there are pro and con opinions on this topic. Even though all keys have the perfect size and distribution on the keyboard, being easily responsive, the special keys are hidden away in the symbols category. In other words, even when you need to use an exclamation point or a question mark, you have to dig them out from the menu.

Still, don’t despair if PlayBook doesn’t meet all your requirements, because there are continuously new versions of this model in development, the next version always better than the previous. Of course the price of this 7 inch tablet PC fits its performance therefore the current version of PlayBook starts at $499, and going up in the future.

Ending this BlackBerry PlayBook review we have to tell you that if you are a BlackBerry fan, you will also love this tablet. Otherwise, if the BlackBerry logo does not impress you, neither than the PlayBook will. Of course, we admit that the PlayBook is a smart, high quality tablet, but we all know that it’s hard to beat strong competitors like iPad 2.


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