Facts about the HTC Thunderbolt a User Must Know

June 14, 2011


The HTC Thunderbolt is taking the United States by a storm, being almost comparable to the infamous iPhone. Verizon users are especially lucky, since the Thunderbolt is only available under their subscriber. The phone is wonderful, in all sense, but before one must hurry on and purchase it, or even leave your current subscriber for it, here are facts about the HTC Thunderbolt that everyone shouldn’t miss.

Verizon takes pride in the Thunderbolt, being the first Android phone to run on its new 4G LTE network. The 4G LTE network takes the current trend, the 3G, and chomps it down with light speed downloads and uploads. Want to see insanely fast downloads and data transfer speed? Look no further as the Thunderbolt is gifted with such. The downside to such an amazing network is the phone is not compatible with GSM networks outside the United States. This could be a huge deal breaker for frequent out-of-the country travelers.

One nifty feature this phone has is the instant boot feature which enables the device to start up noticeably faster, if not instantly, than the other smart phones in the market. It is also the user’s own personal little hotspot, that allows other Wi-Fi capable phones to connect to Verizon’s network through the HTC Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt can take as much as eight connections in one go. It comes with a price, though. Verizon is offering the service for $20 a month. Don’t fret about the Thunderbolt’s price as it comes in a very reasonable $249.99 two-year service agreement and LTE plan. Considering what the phone offers and the 4G LTE service, it is very much reasonably priced.

The HTC Thunderbolt is a powerhouse and can easily be touted as currently one of the best phones out there in the market. Reasonably priced and jam-packed with features, we almost feel sorry that not everyone can get a hold of this mobile gem.


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